Ol Billy is back in action!



The Fire Museum of Memphis is proud to announce that Ol Billy, our history-telling, talking horse is back from his vacation in Florida. While in Florida he experienced three months of rest and relaxation and was able to become completely rejuvenated. He even came home sporting a new bridal, sources say.

“He looks fabulous,” said Kimberly Crafton, executive director. “He now has a more vibrant shine to his fur; his mane is luxurious and healthy and there’s a twinkle in his eyes that has been missing for some time.”

He is now back in his stall and regaling museum visitors with his life as a fire horse. “It’s great to be able to tell the young people in Memphis how horses pulled the fire engines to get the firefighters safely to the fires,” said Ol Billy. “I look forward to seeing many new faces at the museum in 2021. Please come see me and let me tell you some stories.”

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