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Welcome To The 2024 West TN Regional Fire Prevention Conference

Classes approved by the State of TN/Recertification Credit and ICC for CEU’s




Fire Suppression Systems

Review with Inspectors the requirements set forth for the installation, maintenance, and testing of commercial cooking protection systems outlined in NFPA 10, 17, 17A. 96 and the International Fire and Building Codes. A practical review of system plan submittals will be conducted. Course Objectives: Students shall be able to identify requirements for a vent-a-hood and learn the acceptable method of installation and testing for commercial kitchen fire protection. Students will be able to apply NFPA 10, 17, 17A, and NFPA 96 to onsite inspections and plan submittals.


Inspections and Testing of ERCES Systems

This course is an overview and practical application of the inspections and testing of Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES). This course provides students the opportunity to see how the model code requirements of the International Fire Code (IFC), NFPA 72, 1221, 1225, & UL 2524 standards will be reviewed, providing the students an opportunity to understand the application of codes and standards in design, installation, monitoring, performance, maintenance, and testing of ERCES systems. Course Objectives: Participants will be able to identify specific codes and standards that apply to ERCES systems. Participants will be able to identify key performance criteria pertaining to acceptance testing, maintenance and inspections of the ERCES systems. And also identify critical coverage areas.


Fire Pumps

This course of instruction is designed to Introduce the attendees to the basics of Fire Pumps, Fire Pump Controllers, Jockey Pumps, and Jockey Pump Controllers. The presenter will describe the inspections required by NFPA 25, and review the most often missed inspections. He will be discussing the different types of fire pumps/controllers and their required testing (VFD & PLD)


Fire Protection Overview NFPA 25&72

This course is designed to give students a general overview of Fire Protection Systems and their components as defined by NFPA 25 and NFPA 72 standards. Course Objectives: Identify system inspection requirements. Identify and understand the basics of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Identify and note ITM deficiencies with proper corrective actions needed. Facilitate a better understanding of Life Safety Systems.


Understanding the Building Departments Role in Fire Prevention

This course of instruction is designed to familiarize students with the various roles that Construction Code Enforcement play in fire prevention activities. Students will learn how the City Ordinances, the International Building Code and International Fire Code complement each other in providing a safer environment for the City and its citizens


Conference Location

International Paper
Tower 4
1740 International Drive
Memphis, TN 38197
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Friday, April 19th
Morning: 8:00am

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